The UAE Does It Better – New Contest 

UAE Does It Better
From 7th to 26th March, work hand in hand with your fellow Tolunians to complete fun Challenges and Missions to prove that your country does it better.

What is the goal of the competition?
To create more content and complete more challenges than any other country. To keep it fair, we will only evaluate the percentage of topic creation increase per community.

For instance, if your community creates 80% more Topics in March compared to February then you guys are on the right track to be winners

Based on what data will we be choosing the winners?
We will count ALL Topics created during the competition period. The Missions and Challenges are only for added fun and inspiration.

Please note, we really will only count good quality Topics.

Why participate then?
For the prizes and the fun, of course!
We will distribute weekly prizes for the best participants in each community, and at the end of the competition there will be grand prizes for the best 3 countries:

1) Every week, the top 5 participants of each community will receive 3 000 points.
2) Top participants from the 3 countries with highest Topic growth will win:

♣ For the country that wins 1st place, the top 10 participants will each win a 10€ voucher each
♣ For the country that wins 2nd place, the top 5 participants will each win a 10€ voucher each
♣ For the country that wins 3rd place, the top 3 participants will each win a 10€ voucher each

Cool! How do I participate?
Each participating community will be given 9 Missions and 3 Challenges during the competition period. To participate, you simply need to complete the challenges.

How frequent are the Missions and Challenges?
• 3 Missions per week – on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
• 1 Challenge per week – on a random day so stay alert

Do I need anything else to participate?
No, just your smile and your motivation to win.

Follow the Toluna Team on the site and enjoy the competition!

Influence your World,
Badi and the Toluna Team

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