Content Creators of the month February 2018


Dear Members,
Thank you for all of your amazing contents you are creating in our community. We would like to announce names of the Content Creators of the month February:

♣ idealisticguy

♣ jm28

♣ mv2012

♣ nasoor_217

♣ farsintzr

♣ anieszha

♣ majorx41

♣ Mozammel1918

♣ Japtaguibao20

♣ AHMED6997


Thank you for your wonderful participation.
Rules for the Content Creator of the Month are following:

If the same members remain on the list:
• 3 months in a row – he or she deserves additional 5,000 points

• 5 months in a row – he or she earns 10 000 extra points

To become a content creator of the month you must create lots of high-quality content throughout the month. This includes well-written topics which include an image or video. Your participation on the site will also be taken into consideration such as helping other members, commenting on the topics of others, and just being an active Toluna member in general. Also we choose members with a lot of bonus points.

Do not worry if you are not listed this month, you can do your best to be in the Top 10 for March!
On the other hand, if you are already in January and February list you are on the best way to win 5,000 points! You only need to be announced 2 more months in a row! You can also win 10,000 points if you will stay 5 months in a row.
Everything is in your hands!

We wish you a GOOD LUCK 🙂
Team Toluna

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