UAE Does It Better Leaderboard

It’s time to publish the lead for the third week of UAE Does It Better

You can see the top three countries and the winners are:

Weekly LB DIB

Turkey, South Africa and Russia

Thank you all for hard work and congratulations to the winning countries


The best 5 members for the last week and the winners with 3000 points understand either


farsintzr 356 posts
vctrspnjr 91 posts
rajanson 59 posts
mrssyeda 45 posts
usha59 35 posts

Winners of the Chief Survey Taker:

During the competition of UAE Does It Better, we have announced a task limited to the Chief Survey Taker.


These are the names that earned 10,000 points:





Congratulations to the winners!


And good luck to everyone in the following competitions

Badi and the Toluna Team


UAE Does It Better

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