Toluna Magazine – April 2018 

Dear members, we have prepared a very new issue of the magazine for you! Have a look at it and give us your feedback.

We would like to congratulate 4 winners of La vie est belle contest:

♣ reachriyaa
♣ Tjunior5
♣ Farochka
♣ jgarbosa

Whatsmore, find an interview and write us in the comment:

♣ What is the name of our Italian colleague
♣ Recommend us a place where to go in Italy
♣ Tell us any interesting fact about this country

Every member who will participate and follow our rules (3 questions) will get 1000 points!

Contest is open until Friday 13/April/2018.
Enjoy, have fun and comment!

Have a nice day, Badi

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