#TolunaSummer! An Instagram and Twitter contest

Hello Members,
Summer is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a Summer contest! We want to see how you are enjoying your summer, from days at the beach to happy hours on the patio after work. We want to see pictures of you enjoying your summer! Show us your summer pics, and enter in our new Instagram and Twitter contest: #TolunaSummer! As always, there will be two winners who take home 15,000 points each – one selected from Instagram and the other selected from Twitter.

To enter, simply:
• Follow @Toluna on Instagram or Twitter, depending on which platform you enter from• Select a picture that is summer related, upload it to Twitter or Instagram• Tag your picture with the hashtag #TolunaSummer• On both Twitter and Instagram, you must follow @Toluna to be eligible
This contest is Instagram & Twitter Exclusive. You must post your photo between July 1 and July 31 to participate.
And we’re proud to announce the winners of #TolunaMusic! Among the hundreds of rockin’ entries, susit04 was selected from the Instagram entries, CariCheAnne and was selected via Twitter. They will each be receiving 15,000 points. Congratulations!

TolunaMusic Instagram WinnerTolunaMusic Twitter Winner
Best of luck to those entering #TolunaSummer! We look forward to seeing your entries.
See you soon on the site, Instagram or Twitter
The Toluna Team

*Promotion Rules: Winners will be selected at random by August 8 2017 at 5pm EST and must follow directions of the contest. The member must have a Toluna.com account or be willing to create an account to receive the points.  The winner will be notified on their Instagram or Twitter entry that they have won. Posts must not contain any language that is obscene, insulting, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, untrue, misleading or invasive of someone else’s privacy. Toluna reserves the right to review all posts for content, and withhold bonus points from any user violating the rules mentioned above

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Competition Time: Capture the image! Until 26/06

Can you capture this image?

Three members with the funniest descriptions will be selected at random and win 3,000 points each!

The winners from our previous contest ”The song that you misheard” are:




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Winners of test products

Hello lovely members,

Below is the list of lucky winners that were chosen to test this product for Toluna. Click on the link to see if you were chosen to test a product. Good Luck!


Maybelline Eye Shadow Color Show


Ultima II Lipchrome Lipstick


Tetley Green Tea Mojito


L’Oreal Nail Lacquer Colour Rich with Oil


Rimmel Self Tanning Cream

The Toluna Team

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Game ‘Guess the movie with emoji’ 14/6-21/6

Dear members,

In this contest you will have to guess the movie with these emoticons!
4 members with the correct answer will win 3000 points!

The winner from the previous contest ‘Describe your friends with a song’ is:

hernandezaljilen with ‘Count on me’ – Bruno Mars

Congratulations to the winner and good luck for the new game!


Untitled design

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Contest: ”The song that you misheard” until 19/6

Hello everyone,

In this contest we want you to create a TOPIC and explain us about a song that you have misheard but you still sing it. Tell us when was the first time that you heard it and what was the lyrics that you heard.
So you need to upload the song in order for us to listen to it also!

Also you need to write the link from your topic in the below comments to find it easier.

There will be 4 winners that will take 5000 points each.

Good luck!

The TolunaUAE


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Contest ‘Describe your friends with a song’. Until 14/06

Hello everyone!

Can you describe me your friends with the name of a song?
The most creative idea for a song will take 5000 points!

Good luck!



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Winners in the contest ‘Look to write’

Dear members,

The winner who will get 3000 is subbunathi
And the winners who will get 1000 are ibrarnaqvi1 and hann0592

Thank you very much for your participation!



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